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At Nelson Eastern Suburbs, we believe our club is perfectly placed to promote any business or product. Through your sponsorship, you will not only gain brand awareness, but you would be helping provide necessary equipment and opportunity to children, parents and the greater Hobart community. Nelson has strong links to the Eastern Region Junior Soccer Association in addition to schools on the eastern shore and our established junior soccer programs.


We feel Nelson offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to be publicly associated with an ambitious and community-based sporting club.


Sponsorship opportunities include (but are not limited to):


  • Naming rights - Any team

  • Apparel sponsorship (uniforms, warm-up jackets, polo shirts)

  • Contributions of goods used by the club.

  • Advertising or promotion of products at North Warrane Soccer Ground or club


Supporting businesses will be acknowledged on raffle tickets, in our monthly club newsletter and on our website. Other exposure depends upon your level of sponsorship to the above dot points.


Please contact our President Steve McLarin at if you are interested in any other opportunities to promote your business through Nelson Eastern Suburbs Football Club. Our 2020 packages are just an outline, and we are happy to negotiate a more tailored plan for your business. 


We look forward to your support.

2023 Packages
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