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Nelson Eastern Suburbs FC is a not for profit club that aims to provide quality coaching to develop youth and senior players to their full potential. To do this, we rely on fundraising and community grants to keep fees low, purchase training and match equipment, hire grounds and pay referee fees just to name a few.


Nelson FC holds mid-season events for club members, family and friends as well as selling chocolates, club wear and other items to raise much needed funds.


Nelson FC are fundraising in the following ways:

  • Selling chocolates

  • BBQs at local hardware stores

  • Club wear

  • Club events

  • Sponsorship


2023 Canteen 

We hope to have our canteen open for all home games at Risdon Vale. Opening the canteen down not only provide a valuable source of income for the club but helps to bring supporters to the games. If you wish to help with canteen duty please email or come to one of our many home games, your help would be appreciated!

Bunnings BBQ

The Club will be running a Bunnings BBQ on the 23rd of June, we would love you to not only buy a sausage to support the club but volunteer to help out on the day, all help will be appreciated!

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