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The official Nelson club song is proudly screamed at the top of our players lungs as a celebration of victory. Best sung in the change-rooms after a win, "Who ate all the pies" is known across Tasmania as Nelson's team song.

The song reads, "Who ate all the pies?

You ate all the pies,

You fat bastard, you fat bastard,

You ate all the Pies!"


Many of our youth teams choose to replace "You fat bastard, you fat bastard" with their own chant.


Nelson Eastern Suburbs is a proud non for profit football club, based in Southern Tasmania. Nelson is run by a hardworking team of volunteers and aims to give everyone an equal chance to play 'The World Game'. At Nelson, we have been playing football since 1977 and look to continue our passion for the game as we enter our 43rd year. 

Over our 41 year history, Nelson has become known for our continuous effort, whether we win, lose or draw. This continuous effort has led to success both on and off the football pitch, with our Womens team winning the Women's Premier League title every year from 1996-2008, including three treble wins. 



President: Steve Mclarin  


Secretary: Rubi De Angelis


Treasurer: Oliver Lang 


Fundraising Officer: Chantelle Young

Social Director: Nic de Carpentier

Equipment Officer: Tanaka Madzikanda

Womens Liaison: Rubi De Angelis 

Committee Members:

Matthew Graham 

Will Stalker 

Nick Watson

Club Song

      Current Committee

North Warrane Oval

62, Bounty Street Warrane, Tasmania

Established in 1977

© 2017 Nelson Eastern Suburbs Football Club Inc

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